Inclusive Jobs

It's a web project part of my post graduate program in Interaction Design, with the purpose to help impaired people get job opportunities. It is an exclusive portal for people with impairment and will offer relevant informations,  courses and training to the less qualified users to provide life-changing opportunities.

The project has been concepted with four stages of research and developments:Mapping users' expectations, Structuring the information, Developing prototype and Usability testing.

In this phase, the project has focused in people with motor impairment.


According to collected data from unsystematic interviews, we have in Brazil 45 million of people with impairment, that represents 24% of the population. The country has been through an economic crisis resulting 13 million of unemployeds, but people with impairments have been affected for a much longer time.

In Brazil is mandatory by law that companies that have more than 100 employees offer between 2-5% of their job opportunities to impaired people. It is called Lei de Cotas. But, according to the country's annual report regarding social development, we should have 828.000 jobs opportunities throughout companies, but only less than 50% of these positions are  filled, leaving a lot of opportunities to be filled by impaired professionals.

I made some interviews with people with impairments and they reported a lack of accessibility in the city, streets and public transportation.

Companies often give preference to hiring people with milder disabilities, and the majority of the opportunities are for basic functions. The most qualified people can not find opportunities according with their skills and they shown a tendency to grab any available job, which most of the time are not related to their skills.

They starts search for jobs using some well-known Brazilian job hunting websites, such and, or search engines like a google. In either choice, participants tend to start looking for a job using their desktop computers or tablet, mainly because of the bigger display, that helps gather information and easy the interactions.

I also interviewed Human Resources professionals to try to understand their point of view.

They signalize that is hard to find qualified impaired workers that fit the demands of specific job positions, without the proper qualifications, they end up not hiring any.It has been reported that some companies can not handle all kinds of impairments and sometimes can not change this situation because they are in rented buildings for example.

Also, they reported lack of awareness of managers who believe that a impaired worker can not produce equal to a worker without impairment. When they advertise the job opportunities, they do  on the sites mentioned above.


To help understand the users' necessities and expectations, 3 personas have been created.


thirty-one years old, she is a Human resources recruiter and has difficulties to find qualified impaired professionals.


Bartholomeu, forty-five years old, hearing and movement impairment, lack of qualifications, have difficulties to find better opportunities.


Agatha, she's thirty-two years old, have movement impairment and she has difficulties in finding a job equals to her experience.

First Prototype