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Project of new interface for Homer App
Homer App Screens
New navigation menu
New Navigation Menu

We have changed the position of the menu to make it easier for brokers to navigate. Previously all navigation was done from the top of the app, with the menu at the bottom, the main options are at finger height and easily accessible.

The results of the tests was very satisfactory and pleased all users, not having any kind of difficulty with the new navigation.

We also bring a new "home" with a user summary dashboard of your content in Homer.

New Organization

A new organization and grouping of our solutions according to the user's journey and moment. With new cards using a cleaner design line.

New Organization
New cards and scroll
New style cards and different types of scroll in the lists.

New card styles used to differentiate to users which posts belonged to them and which did not. Example: Users' posts would be displayed horizontally and other users' posts would be displayed vertically.

Also we differentiated the listings in the scroll horizontally for other users' properties.


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