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This case shows how we managed to organize and group our solutions in a way that our users  understand every solution and have everything he needs to close new deals.
Homer - App / Web
The Problem

Homer was introduced to the market as a network of real estate partnerships that connected brokers to do joint sales. Over the years, Homer created several solutions to help the realtor, such as credit, documentation assistance, expansion of the real estate portfolio, etc.

Analyzing data from the customer service team and feedbacks from past interviews, we identified that many brokers had no idea that there were several other solutions.

During several qualitative interviews we realized that all solutions delivered value to the broker, they just weren't connecting properly.

• Agents in the  network who didn't know about our credit solution
• Agents who entered through credit solution and didn't understand how the partnership network works

Thinking About
Main objective
Main Objective

To make users understand that in Homer they have the complete environment for them to work independently and that supports all stages of the real estate buying and selling journey.

Step 1 Discover: What we already know about it?


First of all we organized a CSD matrix with the main internal stakeholders. With the objective of gathering all the data we already knew


We went back to all the research we had done previously to retrieve everything that made sense for this project.


We asked our data team for various information to help us in our decision making. Data with interaction between solutions, engagement, etc.
CSD Matrix
Competitors Zillow - Compass

We look at the major players that our users are also used to using to analyze as a benchmark.

We also look at players in the US market (like Compass, Zillow) because they also treat the market the same way we believe.

Step 2 Define


After analysis with the stakeholders, we identified 3 main user profiles in our network.  To help the process we created a proto persona for each profile.


To identify the path of each profile on our platform, we design the entire user journey.

This allows us to identify the main contacts and problems that users have when interacting with our platform.
Persona and Journeys
User flow
Step 3 Ideate


To get out of the comfort zone regarding the solution, we chose the Crazy Eight technique with our product-technology team.


We map the possible user flows to identify shortcuts and enablers.
Step 4 Prototype


The doodling of some Wireframing allowed us to get to know our client better. We quickly mapped out the functionalities and detected possible problems in our users' contact with our platform.


After raising and fixing the possible problems in the Wireframe we prepared a high-fidelity prototype to test with our users.

Before using the prototype with the end user, we tested the prototype with some of our friends from the customer success team and also some members of our technology team participated actively in several steps of this process.
Wireframe to Prototype
Testing with users
Step 5 Tests


The big moment, testing with our real users. With the help of our data team we carefully selected users that had the same profile as our personas.

We tested with Heavy users and also with new users.

During this process we gathered a lot of feedback from users.

We invited the users for coffee and after the test we also did a qualitative interview. To extract information in a richer way. We made changes when we detected something too problematic and made a new round.

After all, the tests were a success! We organized the feedback and made the necessary changes for our final version.

Together with the technology team we created the epics and stories for each deliverable stage. With this the project was entering our flow of sprints

We are still constantly analyzing and collecting data.
But we have already managed to analyze the following improvements:

Solution Access
Interactions - More than one solutions
Education Platform access

We have also identified that there is a much higher retention of active users who access the education platform

Retention Education Plataform
Special Thanks!

I would like to give a special thanks to my friends and co-creators on the team who worked so hard to make this all happen.
You guys made this possible 💛

Monica Macedo (Product Manager)
Pedro Rodrigues (Product Designer)



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